All Medicine is Energy Medicine

We live in a world of energy. A world that is whizzing with electrons and other atomic and subatomic particles. The particles which make up our universe are the same stuff that make up our bodies. All things, whether they are an herb picked from your garden, a crystal from the earth, or a pharmaceutical drug have their own energy signature and vibrational frequency. The difference between these things has to do with their effects upon the body’s energetic field. These effects usually work on several levels, although some therapeutics have there primary effect on a particular level. These levels include the physical, or the seemingly solid form we call our bodies, the etheric, that aspect of our energetic field closest to our physical form, and the emotional level. A disease or “dis-ease” state can begin on any of these levels. Although, it is dis-ease in our physical form about which most of us are concerned. Before a disease manifests in physical form, there is usually a disruption on a higher frequency level such as the etheric or emotional. Since all of these fields are connected to make the whole you, effecting one level will effect all others.


We know that all things have energetic fields; vibrational signatures that are uniquely their own. Thus, a human, a plant, a virus, a pollen granule, or a rock, all have their own frequency. Physics tells us that these fields interact in various ways. The two main ways fields interact are through resonance, or the enhancing and affirming of one frequency by another; and dissonance, the discordant or disruptive interaction of two fields. When a virus or bacteria enters your body, its vibrational field interacts with your field, usually in a dissonant way. This dissonance disrupts your own energetic field and this disruption is translated to the physical body as dis-ease. Any dissonant field can cause dis-ease, whether it’s a virus, allergen, or power line. In contrast, a resonant frequency can be life affirming and create balance within your body.


As mentioned earlier, therapies can have their primary effect at specific levels. For example, acupuncture works on the energy meridians that run along the surface of the body and have connections into various organs and tissues. These meridians are not completely physical and not completely etheric, but a mix of the two. They are pathways for this higher vibration energy to effect the tissues. Acupuncture points are places along these conduits at which the energy can be most readily accessed. Tissue biopsies of acupuncture points show morphological differences from surrounding tissues. Also, these points have a lower resistance to electrical flow then does the tissue around them. Thus, energy can readily flow from point to point.


Bioresonance Therapy as used with the Bicom (and other devices) works more upon the etheric and emotional bodies. It works at the level of finer vibrations. The Bicom contains a biological filter which allows it to split harmonious frequencies from disharmonious frequencies in the body. The harmonious or resonant frequencies are amplified by this device and the disharmonious frequencies are inverted. These changed vibrations are fed back to the body to support the body’s healthy frequencies. The inverted frequency cancels out the disharmonious frequency in the body, thus removing the stress it is causing upon the system.


Herbal medicines can work on many levels of the body. The chemicals within the herb have resonances within the physical form. The life force and spirit of the herb can effect both the emotional and etheric energies. Pharmaceutical drugs also can have there place if one can understand the effects that they have on the physical, etheric, and emotional levels. Refined drugs work strongly on the physical, but since all levels are connected, dissonant reactions within the physical body quickly disrupt the etheric and emotional levels.

Thus, since all things effect our physical and energy levels in some way, it is important to know whether those effects will be resonant effects or dissonant effects. Techniques used in kinesiology (muscle testing) or a device used for EAV or the BICOM can help one to understand the effects of substances on the body. In my office, I use all three to determine these effects.