Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM)

What is Frequency Specific Microcurrent?

Frequency Specific Microcurrent or "FSM" therapy is the use of specific minute amounts of electrical current which stimulate cells to create ATP or "cell energy."  When this occurs your body becomes capable of using this self healing energy to speed up any necessary corrections in damaged tissues.
When the body is injured, the cells are more resistant to electrical input. This is called reduced capacitance. Microcurrent therapy improves cell capacitance allowing the following to occur.  The Frequency Specific Microcurrent techniques have been documented:
  • Successfully treat acute and chronic pain relief
  • Reduce inflammatory chemicals (cytokines) in the blood
  • Increase feel good (beta endorphin) levels
  • Increase the production of ATP by 500%
  • Boost protein synthesis by 70%
  • Accelerate healing of acute injuries by 200%
  • Repair the regulation of nerve tissue
  • Boost immune function
  • Provide specific organ/system benefits
  • Restore depleted adrenal function - in stress and "anxiety" burn out
  • Increasing the healing and traumatic wounds, reduce bruising and swelling.
This energy healing therapy helps create a more favorable environment in the body’s cells for healing by regenerating cell function, reducing pain and inflammation, and restoring proper blood flow and self healing energy to the affected area.

What will I feel during the FSM therapy?

The amount of electrical current that energy therapies like FSM use are actually quite small, and very much in line with what the body produces itself. This is one of the reasons for the safety and effectiveness of FSM, that it works with the body’s systems.  Most patients feel absolutely nothing.

What is FSM used for?

FSM energy healing therapy is used for a variety of injuries which cause pain and inflammatory conditions, among them:

Arthritis   Joint Pain  Myofascial Pain

Scar Tissue Pain                          Neck/Shoulder Pain                          Inflammation
Herniated & Degenerative Discs      Sports Injuries                        Sacroiliac Joint Pain
Ankle, Foot, & Toe Pain                     Migraines                          Dental Infections and pain
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome                Fibromyalgia                                Muscle Spasms
Tennis/Golf Elbow                     Failed Back Surgery Pain                PTSD and Stress
Peripheral Neuropathy

What equipment is used for FSM therapy?

FSM energy therapies are administered by a battery operated dual channel Microcurrent generator. The frequencies range from 0.1 Hz to 999 Hz. and flow in a square wave form which is either alternating or polarized. The machine has lead wires that connect to either gel pads or graphite gloves. The self healing energy is applied to the body using either the pads or gloves, depending on how the unit is set up and whether it is being used with or without the presence of a practitioner.

Did you know?

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), a subdivision of the National Institutes of Health from the Department of Health and Human Services, includes energy medicine as part of a wide range of Complementary and Alternative Medicine techniques that can augment and be used in tandem with conventional therapies.
Out of all the different techniques and therapies, it might be confusing to choose which one will help you. Perhaps the best way to understand what energy medicine is and how it works is to experience it or --for those who are a bit more reluctant -- to see it done. As with all healing modalities, it is imperative to find a licensed practitioner that is qualified to perform the services and has an excellent track-record of positive results and proper training.

Treatment Plan and Treatment Sessions:

Your treatment will always involve a treatment plan with a specific program of frequencies that have been clinically evaluated and created by your doctor. You will be lying down or sitting up for your treatment and each treatment session will be at least 30 minutes and more commonly 50 minutes or more. If you have had a chronic problem with pain than an initial session may be longer. Your doctor will choose the program or programs that will be the most likely to benefit your condition. He will record the program(s) used, individual frequencies used, the micro amperage and the location of treatment. He will also take a history of your response to treatment at each visit. He may use the same or different programs or frequency sequences in future sessions.
 Your doctor may also use other therapies in your session that work well with FSM, such as acupuncture, auriculotherapy, relaxation, breathing techniques, etc. You should feel free to comment how you feel during and after the session. Your doctor will tell you how many sessions may be required to treat your condition but this will usually be 1-2 sessions a week for 4-6 weeks. If there is a recent injury it may be much less treatment. You may notice a difference immediately and definitely by the 3rd to 4h treatment but consistency of treatments is important. If you miss appointments or are unable to come as scheduled, positive effects will take longer. Chronic pain especially takes a concerted, consistent effort to heal.

Integration of Other Treatments with FSM

Your doctor will recommend other things for you to do to support your body. It is very helpful to be on a professional quality multiple vitamin with adequate minerals. You must drink enough healthy fluids each day to stay very well hydrated. It is ideal if you are supporting your health with 8 hours of sleep, a healthy diet, and exercise. Your doctor may recommend other things such as supplements or lifestyle techniques to augment your program and help you get the best results possible.

How to prepare for the FSM Treatment Session

Always be well hydrated! Drink at least 4 eight ounce glasses of filtered or mineral water within 4 hours of the treatment and up to 45 minutes before your treatment. Try to use the rest room before your treatment. Schedule so that you have at least an hour to be at the clinic so that you can be there for the whole program and you can relax during the session. If you are late for your session, it will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. You will not be able to take phone calls during the treatment.

Cost of Treatment Sessions

The cost of an individual session is $50 - $75 depending on the frequency program(s) used, and the length of time you are treated. Any additional nutritional supplements your doctor may prescribe is an additional cost. Your FSM sessions may be able to be billed using your physical therapy or acupuncture insurance benefits. Please speak to our office if you have any questions about costs and insurance benefits.