IV & Injection Therapy

Various intravenous and injection therapies are available at the Optimal Health Center.
IV vitamin therapies 
Meyer's Cocktail
Vitamin C
B vitamins

Intra-muscular Injection
Vitamine B12
B Complex

Chelation Therapy
This IV therapy is used to detoxify from heavy metals as well as for cardiovascular support to assist in the clearing of atherosclerotic plaques from the arteries.

Bee Vemon Therapy
Intradermal injection of bee venom has been shown to be effective in reducing the symtoms of Multiple Sclerosis and pain associated with arthritis and other pain syndromes.

Injection of homeopathic remedies and nutrients into the mesoderm of the skin in and around acupuncture points. This technique was developed in France and is used for facial rejuvination, aesthetics and weight loss.